10 things I am NOT giving up in 2012

1. Peace of mind

Doing what I can, when I can wherever I am— hoping this helps me sleep at night. So far from perfect, but this is my intent. 

2. Having thousands of favorites

Every person, every city, and every memory ends up on my “favorites” list, but that’s because it’s true. Of this I am unapologetic and of them I am ever-appreciative. 

3. Change

We change everyday— don’t deny yourself that liberty. Be critical of who you are choosing to be[come], what you are believing, and be willing to change your mind. Some things that change us are more devastating than others, but regardless, either accept them or fight them like fire.

4. Simplicity

The less “stuff” that I have cluttering my physical world, the clearer my thoughts. If you can carry it in your heart & your thoughts, keep it. Things, however… If you bring in something new, get rid of something old. (People are excluded from this ideology. The more people, the fuller the heart.)

5. Crying

There were entire years of my life when I did not shed a single tear. Recently I’ve realized that I am part human, and happenings of the human experience can cause both deep ache & deep joy. Crying only acknowledges that we feel.

6. Wanderlust

You can take it with you.

7. Eating good food

If you can’t remember the last time you had it, indulge. “I no longer think, ‘Oh, my thighs are too big; my ass is too wide.’ Instead, I celebrate my body, treat it well and thank it for harboring my heart, soul, and mind.”

8. Giving

Be generous with your time, with your love, and with your life. When you feel you have nothing left in you to offer, think again.  Love, a quiet mouth, an open heart, a listening ear.

9. Laughing 

Cliche as it sounds, my humor is dry & my friends are funny. It’s a part of my life that I love.  “I can’t breathe… Ouuuuchhhh.”

10. Pushing my personal limits

I am not naturally a disciplined person— definitely a learned behavior. In the approaching semester there will be more late nights, more early mornings than I could even begin to predict. It will be full of warm, honey flavored cups of tea and sleepy eyes. And that’s okay. 

How bad do you want it, Beth.

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